The Print Area

The Risograph prints A3 only (297X420). It is not possible to print the entire area of the page (full bleed) so It's actually 277x400mm.

Smaller formats can be printed on the A3 and in this case it is recommended to use a bleed Of 3 mm and then cut.

It is recommended to avoid large and uniform paint surfaces as they cause the machine to get stuck. If a large, uniform color surface is needed - its opacity must be set to 60% or less.

It is recommended to avoid a large color coverage in the upper 5 cm of the page to avoid roller marks.


The works should only be exported as jpeg or pdf in Grayscale mode.

A separate file should be exported for each color, with the color name Please attach the final result "proof" file that will be used to make sure that the job is printing as desired.

It is important to add crop marks if the image is smaller than the size of the format.

A Work Process in Photoshop

A preparation of an image when each color is separated into its own layer.
In a dedicated Riso print work, it is recommended to work on "masks" but it isn't not mandatory.
A dedicated file we created for Photoshop can be downloaded from this link.


We are always available for any question and consultation!

This is how the beetle called Shiny looks like in Photoshop.

To export the file:
Image > Mode > Grayscale
And that's how it seems when each layer is exported separately.




שמירת כל שכבה כקובץ pdf נפרד במצב של gray scale.​

The final result on the paper.

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