About Us

Zoahara - Riso Printing Studio based in Tel Aviv.

We opened "Zohara" to give more to those who seek for a quality, different and distinctive print that can bring additional dimensions of design, illustration and art.

What is Riso

A Risograph Duplicator is a kind of combination between an office Duplicator and a silk-screen. It uses soy-based ink as spot colors to create many copies in high-speed.

Originally it was designated for office use, but due to the style quality and the rich colors of its prints, it was adopted by artists and designers for their needs.

How Does It Work

The machine creates a "master" by burning the image as a cluster of tiny holes in a dedicated paper, and then the master is sent to wrap an inner ink drum. Then, the machine feeds paper under the ink drum and the ink is pushed into the paper through the holes in the master paper.
The machine contains two ink drums, so two colors can be printed on one feed of the paper in the Risograph.

What Is It Good For

It is good at making many copies at high speed.
It's good for rich, saturated color prints that are not possible to reach in other digital prints.
It gives a very distinct aesthetic to all types of graphics and images.

It Is Not the Best for

It is not a best representation of what you see on screen
(But it's almost always better)
It is not a best match and perfect registration of colors
(But that's part of the grace)
It is not good for producing completely identical copies
(But it's very close)
It is less recommended for producing a small amout of copies
(But possible)

How to prepare a file for Riso print

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